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We are a Dutch company, specializing in Training & Consultancy on end-to-end working capital optimisation and financial supply chain management issues. We work for banks, active in (international) transaction banking, as well as corporates dealing with the increasing complexity around interactions between the physical and the financial supply chain. With our experience working for and with clients from all over the globe, we know what it takes to implement a sound financial supply chain management strategy. Also, we know how to ensure that your employees are always involved in this process. We translate your questions into an actionable strategy, and are there to implement it with you. We take responsibility for our work and take pride in the results.

Capital Chains; financial game changers.

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Strategic design and implementation of your financial supply chain management process

We help create a vision and strategy, to achieve a more effective utilization of the cash asset and to improve the solution proposition for banks.


Financial supply chain management training

We offer the best learning experience for professionals and students in financial supply chain management using experiential learning as a vital tool.

Design and implementation of your supply chain finance programmes

We identify opportunities, design and implement the blueprint of the program and do bank and platform selection / negotiation.

World’s best business simulation: The Cool Connection

The leading simulation software that bridges the physical and financial supply chain to provide the ultimate knowledge experience and to ensure sustainable results.

Onboarding of suppliers

We plan the roll-out and directly engage suppliers working alongside the procurement department to ensure an efficient deployment of resources. 

Tailor made training programs, classroom/blended/e-learning

Our programmes are designed to fit the learning objectives of your employees, and create a continuous learning environment.


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